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THC Vape Carts

THC Vape Carts

THC vape carts is where it all started for the THC Doc, we have been supplying premium quality THC Vape carts since we started and have one of the best selection of 0.5g and full 1g vape carts that you will find, outside of North American dispensaries.

We source our RAW product from a licensed lab in California, who work closely with independent, artisan growers. We add NO MCT oil or pesticides or any other substances to our THC apart from 12% plant derived organic terpenes (which we also sell on the site). This is a natural plant based substance that will give each THC cart its flavor and smell. So that is a 88% THC to 12% Organic Terpense mix, that is it!!
Our carts are 100% SAFE!

Some of our best selling carts are Brass Knuckles, Moonrock Clear Carts, Heavy Hitters and Rove Carts, all industry standard names, as well as a host of other smaller and newer names to the every evolving THC caret industry

Whether it’s classic strains such as Skywalker OG (indica), GG4 (hybrid), Strawberry Cough (indica), Forbidden Fruits (hybrid), Jack Herer (sativa) or  Sour diesel (sativa) that you are looking for, or more unique and distinctive flavours, here is the one stop store you will find them. All our carts offer high end THC distillate and test approximately 85 - 90% and are manufactured with a multi-step method of cannabis purification, infused with all natural terpenes.

Happy Shopping!

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