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Live Resin

Live Resin

This is the latest method of cannabis concentrate extraction. Freshly harvested buds are frozen and then the resin is extracted from the flowers. Live resin is a newer form of BHO, a potent cannabis concentrate, with key differences making it a favorite for many cannabis connoisseurs. The major difference between classic BHO and live resin is the “live” factor. Unlike traditional concentrates which use dried and cured plant material, live resin comes from fresh plants.

Live resin is loved for its pure flavor and aroma stemming from its dense collection of terpenes. Unlike the standard practice of drying and curing weed before making concentrates, live resin relies on shock-freezing the fresh plants after harvest to preserve the cannabinoids, including those aromatic terpenes responsible for different flavors and effects. A significant amount of terpenes can degrade and be lost when curing cannabis, regardless of how well the process is carried out. So many enthusiasts have turned to live resin because it completely bypasses this issue by way of flash freezing. The plants are frozen within minutes of harvesting because they begin to lose their terpenes right after being cut. As a result, a properly extracted live resin will have a stronger, more pure terpene profile paired with a better high experience.

When it comes to live resin, the magic is in the terpenes. Preserving the terpene profile of the plant is the most important aspect and the reason so many concentrate connoisseurs have switched to using it in the first place. Live resin extracts yield less final product than other traditional extraction methods, but in exchange, you get a more potent concentrate and can use less to get the same (or better) effects. Live resins tend to be more expensive than other waxes or concentrates because they are both highly potent and require a complex extraction system to effectively make.

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