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THC Infused Gummies

If you have been lucky enough to land here then you have come to one of the most popular sections on the site, and if you have come this far then we highly recommend that you delve little further!
The THC Doctors gummie produce line has been one of our stand out and highly sort after products since we launched.
Here you will find our best selling gummies lines, whether its our signature THC/CBD Gummie Bears or our harder hitting Jelly Gummie Snakes, there will be something for everyone. These are perfect for getting your daily high but giving your lungs a breather!

All our Gummie products contain the finest Californian THC (Tetrahydrocanibinol) dewinterised triple distilled distillate, and alittle of our Full Spectrum Cannabidiol CBD. Our Bears are 20mg THC each and come in a pack of 20, our Snakes deliver a harder hit and our 100mg THC each and come in a pack of 4. That's 400 micro grams THC per bag and can be ordered in larger multi pack sizes, the more you buy the more you save!

How you consume these is totally up to you, one bear will be strong enough to feel a buzz from and one whole snake at a time is not for the faint hearted, however if these are nibbled throughout the day then are perfect for a nice easy, mellow high and perfect for micro-dosing. They normally take around 45mins to kick in so don’t go mad if you have not felt anything after 20 minutes and much another! ** Start slow and consume with caution **

All our Gummie products are mixed with a little CBD oil as we keep an eye out for you and your well being and our total 100% organic, diary free, fat free and peanut free, although are NOT suitable for Vegans! We use only the best Full Spectrum THC oil and CBD oil in our Gummie products.
These are made fresh every few days in house and each batch will be a mix of fruity flavours and colours, all packs will come mixed.

These products are sensitive and can become perishable.
**For best results, our edibles products are best stored in a cool dark place or keep refrigerated during the warmer summer months to avoid melting**

For orders to Europe and Rest of World, in the warmer summer months, there is a chance that your chocolate edibles and or Gummies may melt or be squashed during transit, this unfortunately is out of our hands as i’m sure you can appreciate. 

The DOCS THC Tuck Shop, putting the fun back into sweets! 

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