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THC Vape Pens

THC Vape Pens

THC vape pens for oil are what marijuana enthusiasts have been waiting for for a long time. Compact, and easy-to-use, these portable units, are the perfect delivery device for the emerging medium of THC oil. The two new advancements go side-by-side. With the introduction of THC oil cartridges and other cannabis extracts that users cannot smoke, the old ways would not work. THC vape makers have responded to demand with lightweight vaporizer pens that have adjustable heat settings and feature high-quality build and heating materials like glass, ceramic, and quartz.

These are without doubt the most popular line right now on the site and one that will be growing over the coming months, as we will be taking stock of alot of new and exciting products. Watch this space! We offer our pens in a variety of flavours and in larger bulk order quantities at some great discount prices, be sure to check out the listings.

All our disposable vape pens are filled with our amazing Delta 9 95% THC Distillate and .084% CBD oil that goes into all The THC Doctors vape products and edibles. We source our RAW product from a licensed lab in California, who work closely with independent, artisan growers.

All Flavours are a mix of our THC Doctor Distillate and our Terpenes, specially designed straight from California and made from pure natural plant extracts. So that is a 88% THC to 12% Organic Terpense mix, that is it!! Our pens are 100% SAFE! All our terpenes are: All Plant Derived, No Glycol, No PEG, No Glycerin.
We add NO MCT oil, Vitamin E or pesticides or any other substances to our THC apart from 12% plant derived organic terpenes. This is a natural plant based substance that will give each THC pen its flavor and smell

** All our Pens are available in our most popular 16 different terpene flavours **

Model: 1g Distillate and Abstrax Terpenes Micro Vape Pen
Fully branded THC Doctor micro vape pens. These are the indestructible Packwood vape pens which we have had fully branded and are filling in the following flavours from Abstrax Tech terpenes in California. When I say these pens and carts hit and taste different they really do, the flavour is un..
Model: Backpack Boys 1g Vape Pens
New 1g Backpack Boys vapes. These come in 8 all new flavours and are ready to smoke units.Each vape contains around 300 spliffs and a rechargeable battery is included.Flavours White Cherry GelatoLemon Cherry Gelato Black Cherry Gelato Zahiti New 1g Backpack Boys vapes. These come..
Cake Bar Vape Carts 1g
New Hot
Model: Cake Bar Vape Carts 1g
1g Rechargable cake bars. These pens do not leak and are working flawlessly.Currently in four flavoursAmnesia HazeBlueberryRevenge Of The NerdsApple SourOur products are made using 100% organically grown cannabis, sourced directly from trusted farms in our collective network. Using sub-critical liqu..
Model: Californian Honey Live Resin 1g Vape Pens SALE!
Ready to smoke units containing 1g of live resin in a beautifully crafted vape pen with a battery included.These give our most peaceful high and taste pretty good too.Our products are made using 100% organically grown cannabis, sourced directly from trusted farms in our collective network. Using sub..
Model: Disposable Cookie Vape Pens with USB charging 1g
NEW 1g Cookie Vape Pens with USB charging pointsBrand new to the market are these 1g THC Distillate Cookies Disposable vape pens with Micro USB charging points. A disposable vape pen filled with the best Delta 9 95% THC and .084% CBD oil that goes into all The THC Doctors vape products and edibles. ..
Model: Jeeter Juice Diamonds In Caviar Sauce Terps Pen 1g
Diamonds In Caviar Sauce Pen, 1g of Diamonds in each Jeeter Juice rechargeable pen.You can see around 100 Diamonds floating around inside each pen surrounded by Amnesia Haze caviar sauce, these pens are the best of the best. I have seen nothing like these in the past 5 years.The caviar terps sticks ..
Model: Jeeter Juice Live Resin Pen 1g
1g Runtz Canadian top shelf live resin in each Jeeter Juice rechargeable pen.This is by far the tastiest pen the Doctor has ever made, the flavour sticks to your lips and the high is unreal. This is nothing like a distillate high you must try it!Flavour: Runtz Runtz, also known as "Runtz OG," is a r..
Model: Live Resin Cake Bar Vape Pens
THESE ARE THE CHEAPEST 100% REAL RESIN CARTS ON THE MARKET!Our 1g Cake Bars have been filled with top tier Canadian Candy Cake Live Resin.We decarboxylate our imported resin and add 3% cannabis plant derived organic terpenes from Abstrax california.This is it! We add nothing else to the mix just Liv..
Model: Genuine C-Cell battery and a 1g genuine c cell cart starter kit
Choose from the Klean EVO cart or the Kera RR Fully ceramic 1 gram cart and a genuine C-Cell MB3 battery . Genuine 1g Klean EVO C-Cell carts or Kera EVO carts with abstrax terpenes in the following flavoursWe have filled these genuine C-cell carts with the best distillate we could get our hands..
Model: Muha Meds 2000mg THC Vape Apple Gelato Ice Hybrid
APPLE GELATO ICE | HYBRID2000MG THCApple Gelato ICE is a strain that delights the senses with its sweet and refreshing apple flavor. The taste is reminiscent of biting into a crisp and juicy apple, accompanied by a creamy undertone. This strain provides a balanced and relaxing experience, perfect fo..
Model: Muha Meds 2000mg THC Vape Purple Punch Indica
PURPLE PUNCH | INDICA2000MG THCPurple Punch is a strain known for its sweet and fruity flavor reminiscent of grape candy. The taste profile offers a combination of grape and berry notes with a sugary undertone. This strain delivers a relaxing and sedating experience, perfect for unwinding and promot..
Model: Muha Meds 2000mg THC Vape Wedding Cake Indica
Muha Meds 2g Premium THC Vapes WEDDING CAKE | INDICA2000MG THCWedding Cake is a strain known for its rich and indulgent flavor profile that resembles a delectable dessert. The taste is reminiscent of vanilla cake with sweet and creamy undertones. This strain provides a relaxing and euphoric experien..
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