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Battery Mods For THC Vape Carts

So you have ordered yourself your first THC Vape cart but what good is that to you without a Battery Mod to Vape it with? In this section you will find a selection of the Battery Mods that we offer to use with all the Carts that you will find on the site.

All the Batteries that we stock are suitable to use with a 510 thread, the industry standard for Vape Carts and will be compatible with all and every Cart that we stock on the site. Don't forget to grab yourself one before you check out

Model: C-Cell Genuine Palm Pro Battery
100 percent Genuine C cell Palm Pro battery. I guarantee this is a genuine product. C-cell quote this is the best portable battery in the world.All I can say is, It works well and looks cool I have three of them in my pocket...
Model: Cookie Concentrate Dabbing Straw With Battery
This listing is for 1 x Cookie dabbing straw with battery. This is the ultimate concentrate dabbing straw and can be carried anywhere.Power the battery for 5 seconds to preheat, touch the end of the straw on your favourite concentrate and inhale, it's that simple!..
Model: G9 Dabbing Rig Vape Pen
 NEW G9 Dabbing Pen Rig, Suitable for vaping any Shatter, Resin or WaxThese coil-less Wax Dab Rig ceramic vaporiser pens are brand new to The THC Doctors site and are an ideal and handy portable Pen to vape/ dab any THC concentrates. (Shatter, Live Resin, Diamonds, Wax)Easy to wipe out and to c..
Model: Guaranteed Genuine C-CELL M3B PRO Battery
Guaranteed Genuine C-CELL M3B PRO Battery. There are purchased on bulk from the C-Cell official site they are 111% genuine...
Model: Universal Battery For All Vapes
Budget 510 Thread Battery with three power settings. This battery is for use with all of our vapes.Press button 5 times to switch on and press three times to change power settings. Carts should be vaped on green or blue settings...
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