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THC Concentrates

THC Concentrates

THC Concentrtates are the new big thing in stoner circles. Cannabis concentrates are concentrated THC and CBD extracts of cannabis flowers, which also contain a plethora of other active compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes.
Today, with new technologies and methods, cannabis concentrates are easier to make than ever. Which is good for 2 reasons, firstly because concentrates are packed with several times more cannabinoids than regular dried flowers, and their potency can reach up to 90%. And secondly because we have some of the best THC Concentrates that can be found out there, from our award winning THC Distillate to our super strong and potent THC Diamonds, whatever it is you connoisseurs are after, chances are we will have it covered for you on here.

What are cannabis concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are products that are made by separating resin from the flowers in order to extract the maximum amount of cannabinoids and terpenes, without the unnecessary plant material.
Cannabis resin contains trichomes—tiny outgrowths on the flowers where most of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes are synthesized.
The more trichomes a plant has, the higher the potency of the end product will be.
Compared to dried flowers, small amounts of concentrates contain substantially more cannabinoids and terpenes.
For example, most flowers contain around 15-20% of THC, while concentrates have up to 80-90% of THC.
Concentrates can be found in many cannabis products, from edibles to oils. They can also be consumed in their purest form by using additional equipment such as dab rigs and vaporizers.
Since they are so potent, the high you get from concentrates is almost instant and last for about 1-3 hours.

Our Selection

This section is updated regularly with new flavours and strains being delivered throughout the year so be sure to check back and keep update with the products that we have. This is especially true for our selections of Shatter and Resins with new flavours dropping regularly.

More info about each of the different types of Concentrates that we stock can be found in each of the different sections, any one wanting to swat up and learn little more, all the info should be there for you to and for those of you in the know already, spread the word and happy browsing.

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