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Here you will find an array of products catering to all your THC vaping needs along with a list of Edibles as well as Shatter and Live Resin, and a list of Terpenes sourced directly from the U.S.A. to allow you to manufacture your own products, a one stop shop for all your THC desires.





A drop of distillate sits perched on the edge of a dabbing tool. Taut like a raindrop, this viscus and opaque orb glimmers as it rests within the concave folds of titanium. Encased within this golden drop of goodness is a semi-translucent, 99% pure decarboxylated and distilled tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) sap. Dollar for dollar, this morsel of oil is worth more by weight than just about any other consumable substance on the market, and for good reason: Cannabis oil distillates are arguably the future of cannabis concentrates.


With unmatched purity and sheer versatility, distillate oils provide a clean and potent product with limitless application potential, as well as their potential in offering solutions in various niche markets within the burgeoning cannabis concentrate industry.


We update our products regularly especially with new strains and flavours of Shatter and Resin so please keep checking back for new products and updates.

If you do not see listing quantity that you require please message us, bulk buy orders and custom orders can be arranged


We try our very best to be on here daily, to assist and answer your questions. One of the team will always aim to answer any quandaries that you may have in the same working day, that being said customer service operates during office hours. Please read our terms and policy before asking questions, many will already be answered on there for you.








All of our pictures are the real product you are getting. We work very closely with growers and distributors in California, who source from organic craft size growers that have been growing in America with decades of experience. The THC Doctor is the connoisseurs alternative, sourcing our medicine from experienced Mom and Pop growers who care, the ones you can trust when it comes to your medicine!

All our distillate that we use for our products is some of the best that we have ever come across, it is triple distilled for purity, smoothness and colour.

Our Shatter and Resin's are all **AAA* and some of the best that we have found on the market.

We have to say they are about the strongest cannabis product we think we have ever sold.

They have amazing terpene quality and hit like an Iron Mike Tyson left hook, circa early 1980's!!!!

True top draw cannabis products made using Co2 extraction from a top Canadian lab. These are all 100% pesticide free.

All our edibles are made in house by our skilled confectioners and master chocolatiers!






We source our RAW product from a licensed lab in California, who work closely with independent, artisan growers.

We add NO MCT oil or pesticides or any other substances to our THC apart from 12% plant derived organic terpenes (which we also sell on the site). This is a natural plant based substance that will give each THC cart its flavor and smell

(Please find more really interesting and nerdy info about our Terpenes in the section below!)


So that is a 88% THC to 12% Organic Terpense mix, that is it!!

Our carts are 100% SAFE!


** For all our 0.5g and 1g carts we import the RAW product from a distillery in California, we import the best Delta 9 THC Distillate that we have had the pleasure to come across, but we package in the U.K. to avoid importing large containers full of pre-packaged product, as well as shipping costs and imports duties.


The Delta 9 Distillate that we are fortunate enough to have access to is the best of the best and pesticide free. Please check out our ratings and feedback across the markets.






Terpenes are the naturally occurring chemicals that give plants their flavors and fragrance. They are what make an apple taste like an apple and make a pine tree smell like pine. A world without terpenes would be extremely bland and boring!


Here at THC HQ we supply specially designed terpenes straight from California and made from pure, natural plant extracts. They are designed to add flavor and interest to your base cannabis strain without changing its specific profile. With our Pure flavor blends, you can revel in countless taste sensations as part of your daily vaping routine.


By adding them to a base cannabis concentrate, you can experience the effects of a totally different strain. A terpenes liquid can change the amount of THC that is admitted into the brain intensifying your high.


Mix with our 1ml 97% Distillate preloaded syringes to create a whole world of flavours!

All our terpenes are:

All Plant Derived, No Glycol, No PEG, No Glycerin.


Because terpenes are so strong, you only need a little bit to liquefy your concentrate or extract and enjoy its effects. To create a vaping solution with terpenes, you only need to use 0.1 ml– 0.6 ml of terp juice for each 1 gram of concentrate or extract.






We greatly appreciate the glowing feedback and stellar reviews. If you do think that you have had a pleasant shopping experience with the Doc then please let the rest of world know about it. Early auto finalisation on any outstanding orders is always greatly appreciated!


Thank you for shopping with The THC Doctor and we hope to see you all again, soon. Until then stay safe and take care.


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