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Muha Meds 1g Live Resin Carts

Muha Meds 1g Live Resin Carts
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Muha Meds 1g Live Resin Carts

NEW Muha Meds 1g Live Resin Carts  are made using cold ethanol extraction and distillation process.

We use no fillers, MCT Oil or any other chemicals. Our carts contain nothing but plant derived organic live resin that we also sell in our store

Muha Meds are available in the following flavours: adn mark 1,2,3 flavour choices, these are selling out fast across the DW

Green Crack (sativa)   
Strawnanna (Hybrid)   
King Louis XIII, (Indica)   
Dog Walker OG (hybrid)   
Watermelon (indica)   
Desert Cooler (hybrid)

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  • Model: Muha Meds 1g Live Resin Carts
  • Weight: 30.00g
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