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Heavy Hitters Bananas 600mg THC

Heavy Hitters Bananas 600mg THC
Heavy Hitters Bananas 600mg THC
Heavy Hitters Bananas 600mg THC
Heavy Hitters Bananas 600mg THC
Heavy Hitters Bananas 600mg THC

Heavy Hitter Bananas 50mg THC Per Piece, Pack of 12

The THC Doctor's 50mg Heavy Hitter Bananas, add a little something sweet and special to your day, delivering the perfect dose of THC in each tasty gummy. Medicated gummies are perfect for anytime use throughout the day.

The Docs special recipe is perfect for easing you through the day or getting high as a kite!! If you are new to these gummies, please start with 1 then adjust from there and please give at least 1 hour for activation.

**This image above is the actual product you will receive**

Halal Heavy Hitter Banana contains 50mg of the finest Californian THC (Tetrahydrocanibinol) dewinterised triple distilled distillate. That's 600mg of THC per bag

Made fresh every few days by the Doc's team, this product is vegatarin, Halal and dairy free, we use 100% organic, pesticide free distillate.

Sweetzone Fizzy Bananas are tasty, sugar coated bananas. In a tub of approximately 120 pieces, these make colourful additions to sweet jars, gift packs and similar items.
All Sweetzone products are 100% Halal.

Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Water, Beef Gelatine (Halal), Modified Potato Starch, Acids (Citric Acid, Lactic Acid), Flavourings, Colour (E100).
Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the product information provided, products and their ingredients may change. You are advised to always read the product label for ingredients, nutrition, dietary claims and allergens.

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