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Diamonds THCA In Wedding Crashers Terps Sauce - 0.5g

Diamonds THCA In Wedding Crashers Terps Sauce - 0.5g
Diamonds THCA In Wedding Crashers Terps Sauce - 0.5g

THC Diamonds, In Wedding Crashers 99% Potency Super Strong - 0.5g Canadian A*


We are very pleased to announce these new 99% potency THC Diamonds, which comes in a Wedding Crashers flavoured Terps sauce. Through our strong Californian distribution links we can now offer you lucky lot these BRAND NEW, SUPER STRONG, Cannabis Diamond to the THC Doctors Shop. Diamonds are made by using a series of chemical reactions to refine them. The exact process is kept a secret to the public, because they’re trade secrets of manufacturers, this extraction is a guarded art form in the Cannabis world, not too dissimilar from when JC turned Water into Wine!

Meet cannabis diamonds, the most dazzling and potent concentrate in town.
Cannabis diamonds are crystalline versions of isolated THCA. These bad boys are also SUPER potent, typically containing 99% THC.

Referred to as “the world’s strongest hash”, this crystalized extract is regarded as the most potent dab on the market. Refined by a series of chemical reactions all that’s left of the plant are pure isolates — clear, compact little nuggets of THC-A which convert to THC when vaped or combusted. This means you will not get a psychoactive high from eating it in its raw form. At 99 to 100 percent potency diamonds are cannabis most potent form. Most flowers top out at about 25 percent THC. Concentrates are usually in the 70 to 90 percent range, so imagine smoking something at almost 100 percent.

Because of its sheer potency, the best way to make use of these crystalline concentrates is to mix them with other less potent cannabis flowers, treating it as a mixer, instead of smoking it pure. It’s also pure THCA, not THC, which means that you won’t get high unless it’s combusted or vaped, unlike many other concentrates in the market.
The THCA content in cannabis diamonds is tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, the non-psychoactive precursor of THC. Only heat and combustion can speed up the process to turn it into THC (the same reason why you have to decarboxylate your cannabis before using it in edibles) Cannabis diamonds can also be dabbed, but because of its potency, it isn’t suitable for the lightweight and the wet blankets out there.

Crystalline or cannabis diamonds are versatile but if you want to experience new highs, smoking or dabbing it will take you to places you never thought possible! The only downside to cannabis diamonds is that making them is much more complicated than other kinds of concentrates, so only a few manufacturers have been able to successfully replicate it. So if you happen to come across these gems, it’s definitely worth every penny.

Our next level diamonds come mixed in a Wedding Crashers terps flavoured sauce, all ready for you to vape, various flavours now available

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