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THC e-liquid - 400mcg THC Content

THC e-liquid - 400mcg THC Content
THC e-liquid - 400mcg THC Content
THC e-liquid - 400mcg THC Content
THC e-liquid - 400mcg THC Content
THC e-liquid - 400mcg THC Content
THC e-liquid - 400mcg THC Content
THC e-liquid - 400mcg THC Content

Our premium THC vape juice is the newest line added to the THC Doctors store. And one not to be missed by all you fellow stoners out there!

If you vape tobacco, you’re familiar with nicotine e-liquids and the cartridges that carry them. But you may not have heard of the marijuana counterpart of these mixtures, commonly referred to as liquid THC, THC vape juice or marijuana e-liquid. So what is THC e-liquid? Here’s a brief explanation.

Also popularly known as THC e-juice, these concoctions are made by stripping THC from dried marijuana bud, refining it, and injecting it into a plastic cartridge for you to vape and enjoy. The cartridge is then attached to a vape pen and vaporized, exactly like nicotine e-liquid. THC liquid is similar to hash oil, which is easier to find and more widely used in the stoner community, but they’re made in different ways and provide somewhat different effects.

Using a CO2 extraction our potent concentrated e-liquid is then mixed with any one of our trepene flavours to give you ready made and ready to vape super strong THC e-liquids, just like regular e-liquids this is then vaped through a vaping machine or battery mod. We offer our THC e-liquid in 200mg THC content and 400mcg THC content per every 10ml bottle and come in a choice of 38 amazing terpene flavours, please be sure to check the full flavour list from the drop down menu when making your selection.

We only use our signature premium THC Distillate in the making of this, that is 400mcg of the purest high quality premium Californian Delta 9 THC Distillate and expertly infuse that with our 100% organic and natural plant derived terpenes.

** All natural lab tested, no contamination, no pesticides, no glycerenes **

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